10 Best Tomatoes To Grow In All Climates

The variety of tomatoe available to grow in Melbourne has grown quite dramatically over the past 10 years or so. While the initial introduction of many exotic species of tomato, such as the Grosse Lisse tomato, resulted in a string ofUnfortunately there are not many that can withstand our climate, especially in the mid to late seasons, where both the fruit and leaves are affected. So where they do grow is highly dependent on your climate.


So what are the best tomatoes to grow in Melbourne? quite a few actually.

Make sure you select a variety suitable for the climate where you live. Many of the larger varieties grow best in cool or temperate climates, where as some smaller varieties will thrive in warmer areas.

The following is a list of what I consider to be the 10 best tomates in Melbourne.

Cherry tomatos:

These are the least hardy and often least successful variety of tomatos. The reason for this is that they are usually susceptible to cracking. Sooof when buying any tomato from grocery stores or growers, check for any cracks or other signs of damage.

The best cherry tomato varieties are:

There are around 70 varieties of cherry tomatoes all of which can be narrowed down to these 7 or so varieties.

Beefsteak tomatoes:

As the name suggests, these tomatoes are the biggest varieties of tomatoes and essentially create a sundial. They are round tomatos with a very large pit.

They generally grow well in cooler climates, unlike cherry tomates which thrive in warmer areas. Beefsteak tomates can be used for situations where an indeterminate variety is not suitable, for example, where the tree is out of control and growing too big for the tomato plants to handle.

They will need to be planted near the kitchen door in order to ensure that they are in direct view when the food is served.

Paste or plum tomatoes:

These are generally a smaller tomato with a either a deep or shallow plum shaped fruit.

They generally are not a very good crop to grow if you live in a hot climate. They sometimes make a decent crop however when temperatures get too hot they can actually taste better.

When planting these tomatos you should also bear in mind that they are love-able by pests and can be seriously damaged if they are not. A pest control system is essential for the best results.

These can be grown in the same way as cherry tomatoes. The holes need to be at least 2 feet apart if they are to be grown in a row. The plants need to be grown very close together and if the roots are allowed to become diseased or damage then this can lead to the tree dying.

Oregano and Basil:

Both of these herbs are grown very easily and can be grown in almost the same conditions. They are great added taste to any dish and are used widely in Italian/Mediterranean cooking.

Basil is best planted using the 3 inch method. It needs to be watered often but wisely with a drip system. As with all tomatos, a good supply of nutrient-rich organic compost will see your basil grow strong and healthy.

Oregano needs a similar system and is best added to compost made for tomatos and peppers. Using compost means that the herb tastes bitter instead of sweet once it is dried.


Due to its strong flavor, parsley is often used as a garnish. While it can grow in many different conditions, it needs a specifically designed growing system. This is because it has large leaves that need access to gases and moisture in order to stay healthy. Because it is specifically designed, parsley can be grown anywhere in the world.


While some varieties of rosemary do grow in direct sunlight, a lot of the time it will do better if there is some shade. A good rule of thumb is to grow rosemary in partial shade to full shade.

There are many different types of herbs that are ideal for growing indoors. Because they are usually very compact plants, they are also very easy to maintain. So while you won’t have to worry about soil quality or fuss over watering schedules and nutrients, indoor herbs are actually very low maintenance. This is important from both a time consuming perspective as well as a flavor perspective.