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Mountain Bikes And The Sacred Valley
Going mountain biking in Peru may seem like an oxymoron. Yet, in this small country, mountain biking is truly part of its heritage. While most Peruvians regard biking as a way of exploring the world’s natural beauty, through this hub of natural and pristine beauty, biking is also a way of life.

In Sicily, biking is in fact Portugal’s favorite sport. In this small country, it has become a way to explore the landscape, ride the hills, and take in the scenery. Particularly in areas such as the Sassari Valley, where a series of connecting trails take riders along dramatic cliff-top landscapes. The valley is also home to the remarkable Cataractes Mountains, which rise in a series of rings, pierced by numerous valleys.  สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์   

In this lush valley, trails can be planned according to the length of each climb, while desserts and vineyards can also be explored, taking in their bountiful bounty. In these areas, it is common for cyclists to sell their bikes after completing a ride, so be sure to consider buying a new or used bike that will get you where you want to go. And don’t forget the maps!

Pisa Bike  Mountain Bikes

The Pisa bike is generally regarded among the best bikes in the world. And it’s not hard to see why. Sitting above the deep and rugged canyons of the Catholic Alps, the aim of which being to provide an easier route from one point to another in a usually difficult terrain, the Pisa bike path is one of the world’s truly classic mountain bike paths. If you are ever on the hunt for a trail less used by locals, this route will provide you with an invaluable map.

La Terraza de San Juan  Mountain Bikes

The cycling experience in San Juan de La Cabana is so popular that there are now several hotels set along the path. The main draw is that they often feature extra-wide tracks in the steeper gradient, giving the opportunity to take on even more of the trail at a time. A top tip is to go at a steady pace and take the bus if/when you are planning on venturing further afield. The trail can be relatively difficult at times, especially in steep sections.  Mountain Bikes

Varo San Vicino  Mountain Bikes

The Santa Marina region’s premier hilltop village features a variety of cycling trails, many of which can be adapted to wheelchair-bound riders. One such example is the San Vicinovestiglia, which is a stunning route of varying length that is best undertaken at night. Another nearby destination is the village of San Gimignano, which features a very steep slope that is best undertaken at the start of a long ride.

Capo Boiler  Mountain Bikes

Though not the most picturesque of regions, it is certainly the most famous when it comes to offering incredible cycling along a backdrop of towering mountains. The Capo Boiler is a series of loops and descents designed to take bike riders up the steepness with a little less assistance than on other trails. The descent route is often bypassed, allowing cyclists to take on the more steep slopes on their own. If you’re courage has begun to wane, you could always try the Descent extra-black trail, which boasts stunning views all around.

Montemarcello  Mountain Bikes

Much like the nearby ski resort of Mont Blanc, the biking here is extremely challenging yet exciting. Alexandre Morcot, a local resident, designed the Porte Maillot in an outdoor workshop in 1980. Offering 15% grades all the way down to a 13% semi-difficult, this mountain definitely challenges even the most advanced cyclists. A special centre of excellence was established in 1998, which offers a wide variety of courses in various difficulties.

La Morqueta

With access to the upper valley between Courchevel and Méribel, La Morqueta provides the perfect location for riders who are eager to take on Mont Blanc itself as well as parts of Italy’s finest.

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