Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

3 Best Ways to See the Hoover Dam

If you wish to have your photographs taken while visiting Hoover Dam, you need to know the best times for visiting the dam. The Visitors Center opens on April 15, so you need to reserve your visit to have a good time.

1. If you visit Hoover Dam during the summer time, your best time is from April through June. However, if you make a stop during winter, you will have to wait until October to visit the dam.   2. If you plan to visit in the winter, you have to consider that there is a two-year (sometimes extended) freeze over period that takes place during the winter. During this period, the temperatures at the dam are much colder than they are during the summer. Since your time at the Dam is limited during the winter, it will be difficult to take good photos.

3. If you will be visiting the dam for several days, it is best to take an RV here. Most public roads are graveled.loading… สล็อตเว็บตรง

2. Take the Hoover Dam Backcountry Scenic Byway to have a little extra exploration. 

1. Visit the ghost town of Guano Point along the South Fork of the Feather River. Guano Point was a cotton factory built in the early 1900s can be seen today. It was also the site of the first naturally occurring frog on the west coast.

If you are interested in BWCAW, you will find a number of camping grounds. Guano Point is located on the South Fork of the Feather River. There are several hikes that lead to the beach at this campsite. The camping rates are posted on the bluff and vary from $12 to $20 per night.

If you want a relaxed outdoor experience, try one of the many camping sites on the river. These sites are not specifically designated as camping sites. You can also camp anywhere on the river bank as long as you are 100 yards from the river. These sites are not pay stations. The $12 per night rate does not include use of the bathroom and the drinking water.

If you wish to fish, do some white water rafting, or simply enjoy the scenery, a camping trip to Hoover Dam is a must. Experience the spectacular scenery of Lake Mead or better yet, a relaxing trip in a motor coach and get to hear and see a lot of music.

2. Chinos Canyon CampgroundLocated just 11 miles from the Strip, you can drive to Chinos Canyon Campground for a visit to Indian Creek, where you can find hiking, camping, cabins, RV hookups and much more. Leave your money with a trusted friend so that you can spend a quality time hiking (choose from short and long hikes) or simply relax in the comfortable interior of your recreational vehicle.

3. Joshua Tree National Park – Southern California / Mojave Desert

Joshua Tree was named by magazine historians for its famousunkernger Monument, the world’s largest rock sculptures. The park offers fine scenery of hiking,camping, fly fishing, flying and more. Bring a camera to capture the beautiful landscape of Arizona around you.

4. Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim

The Grand Canyon is better known as a river than a national park. It’s more appropriately called a canyon. There are manyhips that explore the waters of the canyon. The boats usesome caves and crevices for Non-Fossilfuels. One site isHoover Dam Tourwele. It is a sunken ruins of an 1810 Railway Boat. While you are there, tour the power roomand ride in a train. The electrical power is now being generated from solar and wind energy.

5. Waterloo RV Park and CampgroundLocated in Iowa’s “keye state,” this is probably thetop RV park in the region. Probably because of its location, this parkrails you for about $10 to $25 a night. There are full service hook ups and a swimming pool. Campsites can be reserved on line.

These parks are some of the best around, but each has its own unique features.

Hoover Dam