The Truth About Gratitude and The Law Of Attraction

There’s been a lot of hype lately about gratitude and the Law of Attraction. I hear it everywhere from ex-IGHTerers like John Assaraf, to regular people like me, who believe we can really create the life we want and make the Law of Attraction work.

Recently, in addition to John, I’ve heard from other people who are trying to get more personal freedom through gratitude. I’ve also heard many people wishing they had found this way ahead of time.สล็อตเว็บตรง

They’ve gone from being able to sit around and wait for things to happen, to being able to create the life they want and make the Law of Attraction work.

Now, staying on the Law of Attraction train for too long, and getting the heck totally looped in, so to speak, is by no means a goal of ours. And while we can create a lot of amazing stuff in our lives, it’s still a generally healthy human nature to want to do as much good for others as we can.

But inside our own power, sits what I believe to be, at times, the very finest mechanism for gratitude ever revealed.

And that, I like to call, the “P.O.A.C.E.” (or thepotentialmagicalcreativeenergy in everything, the creative force where you’re at right now).

The truth about gratitude is pretty simple. Not that good Gratitude Guru’s always lay it out like that, but at its very base, in its ancient form, it IS about being happy.

When you think about it, how happy is the person you’re talking with? Or the person you’re in romantic relationship with? Or the person you’re talking to about some unimportant thing you’re going through? It’s often harder to be happy, isn’t it?

Let me show you.

Right now, I’m feeling the butterflies right under my handle as I sit down to type this. I’m pretty much convinced that I’m going to get a parking space here in this theme park, and I’m feeling really good about that!

You already know that nothing can be further from the truth. Being happy is a Choice and expecting gratitude for it is just as “deserving” as feeling mad or sad for it is not being grateful for it.

So what’s coming to my brain? How is my body feeling? Is it warm enough? How soon will it take to get over there? Hey, why did I pick you out of the crowd as our kind of a celebrity in this?

It’s all possible for us to live in this moment, be happy right now, be grateful, and live our dreams. We do it all the time, every moment of the day, and usually it’s quite easy, sometimes barely challenge.

Sometimes hard, sometimes downright scary, but all in all, it all feels good to us.

And it’s that truth that sets the Law of Attraction in motion. Anything we desire, or desire to have, comes to us through the Universe at exactly the right time and place, using the Law of Attraction in the correct way.

But of course, since the Universe knows all, that’s why it’s a good idea to stay in this natural state of happiness, and expect more to come, or better to manifest.

That’s when we attract “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction” to us.

But you already know that, right, because it’s the truth too.

And now I want to open up somedrive for you to do the same. But expect it to be easy too.

If you let go of your worry and your fear, and let go of focusing on scarcity, or trying to figure out how something is going to manifest, and just follow your inner guidance in your daily routine, down a full path of wonderful, fun and interesting opportunities will show up for you.

How cool is that?

If you believe you’re aboo person, that’s EXACTLY because you are working with the Law of Attraction all the time, and getting lots of good stuff regularly, in a number of different ways that feel really good… for you.

If you want to play along, join me atwww.impossible-happenings.comand I’ll help you clear out anything that’s not in line with manifesting your dreams, or creating a state of wonder and gratitude.