Pay Attention! The French Are Not Rude!
In August 15, 2007–our dear friend, Patrick Brown, co-host of the luxurious Parc du Grand Canal in Nice, France, had the honor of introducing us to a more intimate side of France. Patrick is originally from Ireland and has been a permanent resident of France since 1996. He packed us into the spacious townhouses of the prestigious residential area for the full benefit of our European guests.

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After a light lunch in the garden of the former Conseil France, a local building on the left bank of the river Seine, we made our way to the Eurotunnel. It was very interesting to see the large machines moving up and down the tracks. We didn’t get to see the tunnel itself, but saw plenty of trains and interesting merchandise along the narrow streets. A headache awaited us the next day as we had to take an intense medical test to prove we were fit to travel. French

With the exception of a few rides, the entire 10 miles of the tunnel is an exercise in perspective. It’s interesting to walk along the streets and paths that so perfectly mimic the ships of old. There are streets that are designed to look like an ocean and streets that are designed to look like a Parisian streets. It is amazing what is flowing under the streets. A system of bridges connects the islands to the mainland and the cities of the future. It looks like a grandiose Venetian covered bridge on a dry dock. French

From the Second City, we flew south on the flight in. Weovered a bit on our first pass over the Ile de la Cite, but the ocean wasn’t in sight. We did see quite a lot of farm land though. Some of the farms have an old world charm. Horse drawn carriages power the streets and ones that look like they have been in the movies — at least for a while. We saw a lot of flowers and what looks like a green misty tunnel of some sorts. This is a very beautiful and interesting place to fly, but as we fly across the waters, it becomes a little turbulant. We had to work on our poise. French

Our next destination was DO airport, our home for the next eight days. We had grown tired traveling on the interstates, so we figured it would be good to get out of the rush, into some of the country’s greenery and small towns. The southwest portion of Texas has some great small towns we instinctively knew we would enjoy. French

The drive from Houston to DO is gorgeous, the farms and towns are lush and green, almost like Europe. We loved the drive over the mountain ridge into the Texas Hill Country. We saw a church, a slew of barns and picked some fresh blueberries from a tree. We had lunch at some little towns that looked like Heaven. We RV’ed into Texas and stayed at some great resorts, many of which have large wood burning fireplaces in the dining rooms. We take wood burning seriously in this area. There is actually a Notre Dame Cathedral in this area, located below the bakery, that is covered by a giant eagle sculpture. We stayed at the Johnathan D. hotels in required to be outdoor and had no ants or bedbugs for the 6 days. French

The first Sunday we arrived, we bummed a bus into Houston from Dallas and camped for a short while. We pitched camp in a friend’s backyard which was cool. We also had teepees and a grill under some trees and in the middle of a field. Later, we slept in his backyard. We pitched a big tent in the middle of his field, with sister and brother in there too. The sister had a double tub up in the middle of the field. Everyone had a great time. The brother gave her honeymoon cake to celebrate their wedding.

We drove through the Texas Panhandle and down to the New Mexico border. I know that this is where they get the real Texas cow stuff. They have these big old farm houses and the like, with the porches open up to the sky. I would have loved to stay in one of these, but we had to move on.

We found our way to Austin, Texas where we had a stop on the way. I know that this is where all the college students from all the states come to party. They always have these huge street parties where it is like the nights of San Francisco. I says, get used to it; you’ll be glad to be small again.

We had a great time in Austin, Texas. There we ate the Austin Chocolate Fest and toured Texas’s oldest dance theater. French