A Unique Dining Experience in China
At thewickley Tea Theatre, tea lovers from all over the world are invited to enjoy an evening of rich and lavish culture in the heart of one of China’s biggest cities. A truly unique place to enjoy the luxury of tea is The Tea Rooms of the New University of Hong Kong. This finely-designed building combines the soothing atmosphere of a traditional Chinese school with the modern 21st Century intercom of comfortable minimalism.  สล็อตเว็บตรง

Taking its name from the ancient royal keeping house in Beijing, the New University of Hong Kong was established in 1899 as the first Chinese university and received its university flag in 1907. Since there was no university in existence at the time, the golden-domed former monastery-turned-university building is the only existing example of a university in China.

The building itself is an unusual mixture of old and new. Through the students’ lens, the ministries of education and vice versa, each floor has its ownicker, Places like theHistory of China Buildingand Culture Palace seem to be in a different level of architecture and decor. The Chinese and the British came in different centuries, hence the museum that can be found in the History of China building. The Chinese wanted to establish a dynasty of their own, hence the museum was established. In that museum lies one of the wonders of the world – the world’s largest TV screen, Potala Palace, also known as theWorld Peace Pagoda, built for theornament of the Chinese National Museum in 1954.

Hong Kong early 20th century brought with it a new dimension to the city. It also brought a dramatic change in its surrounding area and so Hong Kong in those years became an important region in Asia Triangular balance. An important harbor like Victoria Harbour appeared, then known as theaux héromesand quickly became a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic metropolis.

Hong Kong in those years experienced a rapid development, going from Stone Age villages to a world-class metropolis in a little more than 100 years. Nowadays, this island city is a blend of the traditional and the modern, with skyscrapers, the Victoria Harbour harbor, the Shanghai River running through it, and the world’s longest and highest road being built at the same time.

The people of Hong Kong are known to be extremely warm and hospitable. A wide range of cuisines across all theSeafood restaurants in Hong Kongperform well in the Chinese restaurants.

There are around 10,000 restaurants in the city.Popular ones are Grand Hyatt, Hilton, Hyonet and the Peninsula. Many of these are located in the heart of the city. The so-called golden triangle of Hong Kong is considered to be the hip area of Hong Kong which i.e. Victoria Harbour, Tsimshatsui ( temples at knees) and ultimately Central and Western districts.

The first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the wordHarbour is the idea of romance. A stretch of white sand beach that leads to the steep cliffs, making the romantics dream of the perfect moment to entice the lovers with their sweet but dangerous seas.

The harbour foreshore is like the oceanarium of the deep, the cliff walls surrounding it creating a romantic ambience. Further on to the west, the promenade of the Sound ofluxury developed when one of the rich Chinese came up with the idea of a giant sand island. It still remains as the visual and audio masterpiece of Chinese architecture.

Not forgetting the Southern side of Hong Kong Island, the interesting thing about it is the history of the place. The Southern side, also known as the Eastern or Chic side of Hong Kong Island, is almost like Japan in terms of culture and tradition. It has been left untouched by the dynamism of the cities and towns of the north and maintained its old-world charm.

When you feel tired of soaking up the sun and long hours of urban life, head to the Southern side to plunge into the world of folklore and the hidden areas that can warm you up. Not only will you find lions, kangaroos, emus and poisonous snakes, but you can also see the indigenous of Australia with rock pigeons that call the island home. The world’s oldest species of snake, theEnhydrauchusMunungo has also been discovered in Australia, dating back to the last part of the 19th century.

Hong Kong Island is famous for its world-class restaurants and haystack restaurants. You had better not stop to lunch at any of the restaurants at the Southern side of the big island because the waitstaff will hardly ever talk to you. Instead, order a take-away and bring it down to your hotel room to eat. After eating, you can go back to the restaurant and make use of their free wi-fi for 15 euro.