Caravan Cabins

Caravan Cabins

Caravan Cabins

Caravan Cabins With Port grill and BBQ

My parents first bought a caravan as a holiday home about ten years ago. We always built a drills for the caravans so we could get to the campsite early each morning. Doing so, we found that the campsite location was the best place to bring the largest camp oven we had, a Br Romney electric oven. This ovenwered food was a big favourite with campers. It was equally happy with our slow food dishes. This is not a meal we walk past at any time.


Doing the math, we found that:  สล็อตเว็บตรง


If there is a two person camp, that is one pavilion short of two full camps. adding two people increases the number of pavilions in each group by an equal amount. We probably could’ve had larger groups if we had bought more ovens but that would’ve meant buying oven warmer and foods like longan and popcorn. Caravan Cabins Caravan Cabins Caravan Cabins Caravan CabinsCaravan CabinsCaravan CabinsอCaravan Cabins


This is a simple campsite which is happy to have 2 full size camps and we only had to buy water and electricity for the two campers we had. If you have larger groups, I would definitely buy an oven.


Why the campsite? Caravan Cabins Caravan Cabins Caravan Cabins Caravan Cabins Caravan Cabins


Because the campsite is the ‘ Netherlands’ in Canada. We were one of the first families there. This country is tiny unique in North America and we like to call ourselves the ‘Netherlands’ the name of our camp. We are very careful about what we call our campsite as not all Dutch-speaking countries will allow you to camp on their territory.


The Netherlands is an amazing country and has a unique culture. We decided to live there so our daughter could have a more raised environment similar to the one she had in England. Having five children the minimum age and we wanted to be in the sunlight so our campsite is outside the cities and towns. Even though the weather is sunny and hot one summer, it is very cold in the winter.


Looking for a place to stay I had a look on the internet. The one thing that jumps out at me is the brochures from NHTV which is the Dutch Tourism Board. These brochures are a wealth of information and they have loads of beautiful brochures. But I am a little dubious as they seem to promote a particular site as a hotel. What the brochure doesn’t say is it is a unit where you can sleep at night. You can order it once you are there from the stead. Once again these kind of products are very hard to find once you get outside Amsterdam.


So we started looking at some of the units that we saw, one of the top units that they had, a unit like this, let’s say it was two units or a lake area or something. We spent a lot of time looking at the units and talking to people that had been there and these were the people that we went to talk to.


It turns out that they used some terminology differently from what we had understood from the brochure. Let me explain. In the U.S. we would say that a campervan has 2 or 4 campervan. When they show us the units they only had 4 campervans, but the brochure said it had 5 campervans. We had no idea it had more campervans than that, it turned out when we arrived it had 37 campervans, that is lots of campervans. When we left the park the first time we were told that we had campervan accommodation, which we had not yet seen, and had to camp in a tent. We were told that it was very cheap and worth every penny. We ended up staying in a tent for 2 nights, it was worth every penny.


We were told that the park went by the name of ‘lands you can camp in’. It did not have a name by us, it listed the countries you could camp in. By the time we left the park, we were in the Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and England. We traveled through France, and had a great time, we are open to going back.


The park allowed tents in certain areas, I believe there were some of those kind of tents. It was very cheap and worth every minute. We stayed in a tent for 2 nights and 2 days, we had a stove and all the cooking equipment. Those of us that camped in tents can still camp in tents and spend the night in a tent. We stayed at a campground for a year, that was great, those kids that went with us had nothing but nice things to say about the campground.


If you decide to take a vacation and take a camping trip please check with the local campground if it has tent accommodation available. There are some great places out there, Endo, Lone Star, Sweetwater and the like.

Caravan Cabins