– Looking at Organic Gardening and Humans
If asked to describe  as a system one would say it is a way of combining the production of food and the production of the other things necessary for a successful well being of humans and animals. There are several approach to permaculture, some of them in any case more valid than the other.  สล็อตเว็บตรง

lumping organic gardening and  together as the same thing though, does hold water, for the reasons that compost and animals manure will be included in a permaculture system. It is fair to say that a well designed  system will be able to provide almost all of the needs of its inhabitants (in the sense of plants and animals) yet still maintain balance and use the least amount of energy. 

To achieve that balance in a permaculture system each component part of the system is monitored and responded to either by the system itself or by another part of it. That response can be through the use of techniques like artificial lighting, the use of well rotted soil or insert plants.

Because a  system is a collection of its components in a pattern the response to change is both constant and dynamic. Even a small change, like the addition of a plant, will significantly impact the system as a whole and as it is a static system.

To achieve dynamic change in a  system there needs to be a change in the components of the system. One of the major factors in a  system is the soil. The soil is the most important component in a permaculture system. It is the foundation of the system, if we could break down the soil we could begin to understand the problems it causes.

While animals and humans have a complex relationship, we do not have to depend on them for our needs. In a e system, animals would be included as beneficials in the system as they provide a needed service to the system.

However, there are times when we will need to rely on someone or some structure to solve a problem. In those cases, I believe that relying on nature, instead of gadgets, would be the smart choice. There may be times when the only choice is between artificial and natural, but in the larger scheme of things, would we really choose between artificial and natural technology?

We should consider that in many cases, the use of the technology is no more expensive than the use of traditional methods, so why not give it a try?

Permaculture is a self-sustaining agricultural method of rapid and continual self-sufficiency. It is a way of living, without needing external supplies of food or water, and is based on ethics which include:

The prioritized use of available resources such as water, shelter, sunlight, fertile soil, and renewable energy.

The application of ethics which include the balancing of plants with wildlife and the maintenance of the ecosystem.

The development of systems which are based on co-operation andlexibility, rather than competition.

The application of systems which are simple, obvious, maximizing the use of small spaces, and cheap, preferably locally produced.

The continued use of small green objects as a practice rather than highly costly large-scale buildings.

The continued use of perf refining organic materials, rather than industrial or Sarological processes.

The organic production of food, even if this food is provided by another human beings.

The continued use of plants from seeds, and the use of material waste as a non-poop or trimmable material.