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New York

‘City in the City’, The   City Subway System
As of the 2000 census,  City had a population of 18,104,079 which makes it the third largest US state (Chicago – population = 1,orer than that of  City) and the financial heart of the nation ( Lehman Brothers – the fifth largest financial institution on the planet).

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The inspiring art and cultural scene of  City has been on the rise since the Second World War, when Buccaneer Bus lines spread out from the outer boroughs and the subway system (first proposed by DeWire Bus Lines, but only started to be built after the  subway opening in Manhattan in 1904) arrived. A network of privately owned lines (buses), whose routes had been decided upon in advance by the city, allowed riders to avoid the tight Congestion Heights lines and gain access to the business centers of the city. The  subway would eventually run through 63 tunnels and serve some 70 stations. The system is still considered the largest subway system in the world.  New York 

The  subway would branch off in a loop, similar to the Paris subway system (and in later years, the London underground system) with branches in Manhattan and the Bronx. These lines would be called “subway” in the absence of a specificpronounced word by locals.  New York 

Unlike its European counterpart, the subway system uses large numbers of pre- domination earth underground cars (or “buses”) rather than the more than normal double-decker ones.    New York 

A classic example is theclothingline. It was introduced in the late 1940s, replacing the earlier electric powered lines. It is still in use today, with a different fleet of buses, elevated trains and turn-around buses.    New York 

The real-time  subway scene today is closely similar to that in European cities. Bus and elevated train service is frequent, very frequent in fact. And like in those European cities, the subway trains and buses are, by design, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

The most famous  subway is of course, theverde·e. This is an old wooden subway car  subway, but can be seen outside the rebuilt Grand Central Terminal. To search the  subway you have to stand in the aisles, similar to the way the Indians used to stand in the presence of a sacred snake as it was being fed.

Located just above the majority of the commercial areas and the majority of the residential and hotel districts of City, the Fulton Street Ferry is a quick ride to Manhattan. It is a ferry that runs daily (up to 2 or 3 times daily) that takes you above the Manhattan Bridge and down into the East River.

Thepurple is a color-shifting bus that goes from orange to purple as it heads down the street. This bus is very popular with the gay and lesbian community as well as many senior citizens. Reservations are required as this is a popular ferry.

Theacia, a bus in the tradition of the Italian trams, is a great way to see from  City to Niagara Falls, or anywhere in between. This bus is non-stop which makes it ideal for sight-seeing trips.

When you want to have some Italian food and experience the Big Apple’s gelato, you will want to ensure you make reservations at some of the best  Gelato Companies. There are many which pay close attention to detail such as choose the perfect flavors to match your mood and even observe the weather, all while getting you where you want to go fast. You will certainly be satisfied with your purchase.

 City, and especially Manhattan, has plenty to offer any type of tourist.

New York