Nepal: The Country of My Family
Hawaii, a popular tourist destination. People mostly from the West consider it a part of the United States, but it is not part of the American territory. It is a state of the Pacific Ocean that is surrounded by South America. Nepal is a country located in the North-East of India. The height of the mountains of Nepal is over eleven thousand meters. Nepal is one of the most beautiful and fertile countries in the world. The center of the country, Kathmandu, is also its capital. Kathmandu is a big city, which is known for its warm hospitality and grand festivals.  UFABET เว็บตรง

Kathmandu is a big enough city to provide fun, warmth and hospitality. Lush tea gardens, stifling markets and bustling temples make Kathmandu a true heaven for tourists.

The major attractions of Kathmandu are:

The Pyramids of GizaThese pyramids are famous all over the world, but still the largest stone structures in the world. The greatest attraction of all is the sun temple at the top of the world.

Hepstones MuseumIt is the only one of its kind in the world.cotraces of gold, silver, copper, etc.

Narsingh PalaceIt is a museum created in the history of Nepal. There is a mythical Narsingho that protects them.

Swayambhunath MonasteryIt is considered the most sacred pilgrimage in Nepal. Tourists can visit it for sure.

Outsands and mountainsThese are the natural landscapes of Nepal that are picturesque and breathtaking. Trekking in the oases is an experience that will never be forgotten.

Chitwan National ParkHike to the highest peak in Nepal or trek to the underworld of the mountain. The park is also known for rare and endangered species.

Rong Village TrekIt is widely known as the cultural soul of Nepal. Tourists can observe the simple Kathmandu besides the modern amenities of Rong Village. Here, they can get a glimpse of how the Nepal monks live and work.

Kathmandu DurontoIt is a historic trek that encompasses the paths of great Kings and their loyal subjects.

ParoIt is a sacred trekking spot that visits the areas where the Hindupas live. This is not a tourist area, so do not bring your own pack of trekking gear.

Lake MansarovarLake Mansarovar is a holy city in Nepal that is known for its tranquility. One can also see a quarry of flowers, which is also a great sight.

The Himalayan RailwayIt is an amazing train that connects the slopes of Mount Everest and Petronas’ stupa. One can also see 65km of the glorious Himalayan mountain range from here.

Laurel MonasteryThe Laurel Monastery is a famous monastic complex and is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.

Kathmandu ValleyThis is where the tourist sector is suppose to be located. The valley has many old temples and monasteries and is also an abode of the Buddhist faith.

MuruntaMountainAbout 16km from Kathmandu, this mountain is the birthplace of Duronto Durwaza, the Queen of the Hills, also known as Meru Tashi. Travelers can stay at this place while attempting to trek to the Everest Base Camp.

PumoriLocated near the Everest Base Camp, this monastery is used to store the excess snow that does not melt away. It has stone blesses on three sides.

SmitaEach year, thousands of people trek to this place as part of the Nepal pilgrimage. This place is used to pray for the dead, and unknown diseases. The condition of the pilgrims is equally suspect, as they do not have any professional help.

BamlingIt is believed that this spring waters are anti-climactic to cold trekkers. Other than this, there is a unique place at the end of a steep road, which provides accommodation and health rest.

SuryantichattiThe town of Suryantichatti is the beginning point of many a trek. It is also a common point of destination for travelers to begin their journey to the Everest.