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Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Container Gardening – What You Should Know About
Container gardening is a great way to have a beautiful garden, with the right planning even a novice gardener can have a gorgeous vegetable garden that provides food and beauty. However, a lack of outdoor space, like lawn space is a hindrance. With container gardening, you can bring your garden close to your home without the hard work required for lawn care. You can even grow a garden in your patio with the use of beautiful pots and planters.

My first container garden was on my patio, and it provided me with a central place to relax and enjoy my garden. I enjoyed having a sitting area near the patio for a cooler summer evening. My patio was one of the few in our section that allowed vines to grow so I had a backdrop of luscious green vines. It was a gorgeous backdrop, but it was also home to a number of cute garden insects, and we had octopus fish near the patio at one point.

That setting would never occur in a regular yard, as the roots of trees would dominate the soil, leaving little chance for wildlife to enjoy your garden.  

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Here you will not be able to have a large garden and still attract animals. You want to mimic nature as much as possible. This means growing plants and flowers that will attract butterflies and birds. You can also incorporate wind chimes, water fountains and small statues in your garden to attract wildlife.

I remember thinking when I created my modern day garden, that I wanted to create a place that was as close to nature as possible. I have found that to be true, even now, in a small backyard. Keeping plants and seedlings alive and away from the cold winds have been a challenge.

Winter has been a challenge too. Small tender plants are dead or dying quickly in the bitter temperatures. Every time I try to replant, the attempt dies quickly. Container gardening gives me the ability to transfer my plants indoors for the cooler months when it is cold outside. I love being able to bring my garden plants inside to admire and continue to grow them.

Being able to bring my garden plants inside and continue to grow them has brought me a lot of pleasure. Although it is cold outside, it is warm inside with the heater running. The sweet smell of freshly watered flowers and herbs soon pacify me and I sink into a chair, enjoying my garden. I try not to let my garden suffer from extreme cold too often. A quick charge of electricity usually recharges the battery enough to get me through the winter, if needed.

One winter I suffered through a very cold winter for several weeks. It was very frustrating as I wanted my garden back to its happy pink state. In the spring though, I was surprised! My plants were growing, albeit in a weak manner. There were still pink and white flowers everywhere, even on the underside of the leaves. My search ended up uncovering the problem – a sprinkling of aluminum sulphate!

What is Aluminum Sulfate?

Aluminum sulphate is a naturally occurring chemical, now known to be contained in pretty much every soil treatment known to man. It is used to treat water deficiencies, iron deficiencies, and many maladies, the major one being cancer!

You have probably been treated by your local nurseryman with aluminum sulfate, whether you knew what it was or not, because it is so inexpensive. In order to correctly treat your soil, you need to use aluminum sulfate. A soil treatment ( aluminum sulfate) will soft the soil up, and actually aerate it! This means your soil will end up with a much better concentration of nutrients, which will turn your soil into a rich, black loam. It will also help your plant to grow twice as quick.

How does Aluminum Sulfate help to Grow Healthy Plants?

If your soil is suffering from a lack of boron, you can feed your soil with aluminum sulfate. This will bring boron to the surface where your plant can find it. If your plant needs calcium to grow, you can also add aluminum sulfate (as long as you don’t use too much). Again, it is contained in an easily portable container, is easy to apply, and won’t burn your plants.

In my next post I will cover the subject of fungicides.

Handle with care, aluminum sulphate is harmful to your plants if they are exposed to it for any length of time.

For your soil, you might consider this tip to help keep excess moisture from accumulating. Add one or two tablespoons of aluminum sulfate to your garden – enough to cover the area where wilting plants are located.

Container Gardening